Enterprise Resource Planning (i-FINSOFT – ERP) 


       Is a program that helps the management of organization resources efficiently and can be used in management planning. I-FINSOFT can be used with government agencies or organizations. Organized and able to find information and create reports easily, with various systems able to be done separately or connected Information sharing between each system consists of the following systems.          

 Performance Base Budgeting System 

     Is a system that helps agencies to work more efficiently Which must consist of a work system from budget planning system to budget management Both receiving and paying Which must be able to perform transactions at the department level ,Budget, work plan, product or work / project As well as the budget management process and work control monitoring to be in line with the plan.

 Financial Accounting System 

     Is a work system that consists of Receiving financial system, Paying financial system, Ledger system, Accounts payable system And accounts receivable system In general, there is a link between all systems, from debt settlement and payment. Or setting up receivables and receiving payments It can create automated accounting data to lead the ledger system for the complete operation of the system and the analysis of various financial statements. The system must be able to analyze many views. From the analysis of the image of the department, work plan, budget, results or tasks / projects and activities, which makes the report and the analysis of financial statements of the organization in its entirety.

Procurement and Fix asset management system

     Is a work system that consists of Procurement system, inventory management system, equipment registration system, equipment distribution system, parcel counting system In general, there will be a link between all systems, from purchase / employment, purchase / employment. And parcel inspection In which, each system will create a list of inventory movements For work, system integrity, and analysis of the movement status of various bill of materials And can link to the ledger as defined.

Human Resource Management System

     Is a system that covers work related to personnel and salary System for recording, storing and linking the history of various aspects of personnel from before work After starting work until leaving work Which the system can help to benefit the operations of the human resources department In the processing of history data in various fields of a large number of employees Including the accuracy and security of information Increasing convenience and speed in providing information services for various departments and providing various services to personnel with accuracy and speed. Including employees can update their history in areas that do not need evidence of changes.

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