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iMme (i Merry, Merry me) 

       Marriage is an important event for lovers to get married. When starting to get married, there are so many activities to do that you don't know where to start, and many people rely on information from Google to find help, such as the Wedding venue Organizer Finding gifts Finding a photographer for a job, pre wedding, finding a flower arrangement, a band, a Chinese table, etc. Therefore, create this application to make it easier in some parts for this version.

      But the most important thing is the memories of the wedding couple From the day of marriage The feeling of the groom, bride, greeting guests at the event Atmosphere of the wedding And easy to remember the memories Finding wedding venues, inviting guests, estimating attendees Schedule notification.

     Today, there are applications that can share Facebook, twitter, Google plus in order to promote the application as well.

System feature

  • For lovers to collect memories through the Application in every detail By all the invited guests Can participate in the recording of memories as well.  
  • In order to provide convenience to couples in studying information Wedding place
  • To send invitation cards, wedding details Date location Estimate the number of people who responded to the event And manage the area Coworker desk
  • Notification. Girl groom schedule And the schedule of colleagues
  • Pictures and greetings Of all the guests at the event Everyone can take part in photography. Upload photos, click like comments, and we can take pictures of like click comments to create a work atmosphere. For example, all image data will be displayed on the projector all the time through the website, information of people like the most. Get an award
  • Couples can find wedding locations by specifying their desired location. And determine the distance around the area in kilometers
  • Confirmation information for exhibitors And specify the number of followers as information for evaluating the number of collaborators As well as managing the seating table in the event, organized into a Chinese table
  • Reminder system for the bride, groom and guests
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