IGENCO Company Limited or IGENCO was established on March 15, 2010 by providing consulting services. Develop computer systems and information technology networks for various institutions and organizations. Both in the government sector, state enterprises, educational institutions and the private sector. The scope of services covers from IT Consultant, Software Development, and IT Infrastructure and Applications. Business Application focuses on the organization management under the policy of working closely with customers. Pay attention to every step of the system development process. In order to deliver system work and services to customers beyond impressive Along with the development of products to be new innovations as an alternative under the brand "IGENCO", a Web Application system that has guaranteed the quality and trust of our customers continuously.

     Founded by a team of IT personnel with expertise in system design and development System structure analysis Database management As well as being a consultant to various projects relating to information technology work in both the public and private sectors, more than 10 people over 10 years throughout the IT career path. Participate in activities with organizations that support the development of software in the country, such as the Office of Digital Economy Promotion (Depa), Software Park Thailand, Association of Thai Software Industry (ATSI) as well as trade partners. Other In order to increase the potential for system development and better service

     In addition, the company In addition, the company has received investment promotion from the BOI in the business of software technology development and has been registered as a consultant from the Public Debt Management Office. Ministry of Finance Juristic Person 4232 Level 2 Information and Communication Technology Program And to gain confidence in IGENCO's products and services that have passed the Software Project Management and Software Implementation Process standards with Management Systems as per ISO / IEC29110: 2100 and providing IT services, which are the companies True Thai nationality  

     "From paying attention to the development of our systems and services The company Trusted by customers from both large organizations in the public and private sectors. To be a developer and installation of an information system within the organization The system can meet the needs and reduce the time in the operation of the user. As well as integrating corporate information Can be used in administrative planning to develop the organization and potential of employees to More powerful"


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บริษัท ไอเจนโก้ จำกัด  (IGENCO.Co.,Ltd)

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โทรศัพท์ : (662) 532-5151, (662) 532-5160-2

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