Core Value


     The Company has defined the core values of business (Core Value) for the Company. accomplish With accurate and consistent with business practices today,

we are not very large (Small) organization is like a second home for the team. A quick decision The core values are (SMART).)

  • Synergy Collaboration.
  • Morality Adhere to morals.
  • Accountability Responsibility for duties and performance.
  • Responsibility Understand the obligations Responsibility.
  • Transparency Working transparency.

Corporate culture

     The modern technology world always comes with new changes. That happened with the change and the main reason that determines the identity of oxygen. Based on "Supporting change" and as the founders are Technical Guys in the IT industry for a long time And dare to change working attitudes based on the success of the big IT company Modified to medium-sized software house Change thinking From the use of a large framework to define operational methods as new, which focuses on changes in technology and customer needs and to respond to the modern IT world. We therefore want to keep the company in the Concept of  "Small & Smart".
  • Small is an extremely big size company. Like the second home of the team Quick decision making Able to respond to changes in a timely manner.
  • Smart is the core value of the enterprise's smart business, not just a person. Our smart, steam, Igenco includes.
  1. Synergy Collaboration and teamwork It means a part of the team and the company. Harmonious cooperation coordination and sealing through teamwork to drive corporate mission.
  2. Morality  Adhere to morals. It means adhering to the principles of correctness, virtue, sacrifice and professional ethics.
  3. Accountability Responsible for the performance of duties. It means understanding the rights and duties Have awareness and social responsibility Pay attention to problems and have guidelines for managing problems like professionals. Respect the opinions of others. Including opportunities and being ready to be audited and evaluated It is a reflection of responsibility to all stakeholders.
  4. Responsibility Understand the obligations Responsibility. It means work with full awareness of duty, sincerity, honesty and understanding of responsibility.
  5. Transparency Working transparency. It means transparent information disclosure, accountability, and clear working systems.
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